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About Us


AG Treasure Cosmetics and skincare Canada was established in 2019 and is now the leading online natural organic skincare and Beauty Store in the industry. We provide customers with an extensive selection of high-quality handmade, natural, and vegan-friendly brand name products at prices that cannot be beaten. AG Treasure Cosmetics and Skincare Canada is a Canadian company that was founded on the principles of individualism and sells beauty goods that anyone can enjoy.

When we first established AG Treasure cosmetics and skincare Canada under Medikalhome Inc. which is part of a healthcare company, we had one goal in mind: to provide our clients with an amazing shopping experience. We make it a priority to deliver superior customer service and take great satisfaction in the fact that we have not deviated from the values on which our company was founded.

We create goods with our kids, our family, and our closest friends in mind. What exactly does that represent? We take great pride in producing the most hygienic and effective products possible, which we exclusively use on our own family members and ourselves. My husband and I put a lot of effort into researching and testing a wide variety of natural and vegan-friendly products so that we may offer them to our customers.


We want to help people feel, look, and live better, so our goal is to:

  • Be known for the quality and effectiveness of our products.
  • Engage, inspire, and empower consumers for inner and outer beauty.
  • Aim to improve people’s daily skincare routine and well-being by providing them with organic high-quality products.
  • Be honest in everything we do for our business.
  • We always strive to provide top-notch customer service.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and honesty in our business.
  • Every product we make is infused with our love and passion.


Creating and distributing superior quality, pure, organic plant-based products that are good for us and good for the environment will help raise the bar for everyone’s health and skin care.


Our mission is to improve people’s lives by making safe and effective skincare, bath and body, facial masks, makeup, creams, and hair care products. We try to help people improve their quality of life and health in a real and meaningful way by giving them natural, and economical solutions.