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When we think of skincare, we usually think of how to properly care for our faces. Have you ever considered treating your body with the same care and attention that you do your face? If we moisturize and exfoliate our faces on a regular basis, we should do the same for our bodies. In fact, this is precisely why there are so many body products on the market, particularly in Canada and the United States, ranging from body creams and body butters to body scrubs. On the market, there is a body care product for every problem you may have with your body. The focus of our attention will be on natural body scrubs, not any of the others. Mechanical exfoliants include natural body scrubs. This means that they physically remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin by using coarse ingredients like sugar or salt. This quickens the skin’s cell turnover, which leaves the skin smoother and more radiant and may prevent acne from reappearing. Several skin conditions, such as the appearance of an uneven skin tone, can be helped by routine exfoliation. The dead skin cells that contribute to your skin’s dull appearance will be sloughed off, so it’s also the key to skin that looks smoother. Body scrubs are a wonderful treatment that can also be quite relaxing. Explore AG Treasure’s selection of exfoliating body scrubs and body treatments. There are many exfoliating body scrubs available online.