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Most of us define health in terms of eating a balanced diet and exercising frequently. These things are obviously very significant, but what about the products we apply to our bodies? Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, will largely absorb whatever is applied to it. 10 different beauty products are typically lathered or sprayed onto skin by the average person each day. unintentionally subjecting themselves to a variety of unnecessary chemicals that eventually find their way into our bloodstream.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you should prioritize organic and natural skin care. Here are top three reasons:

1. Better for your skin

Ingredients used in organic skin care products must adhere to the same standards as those used in organic food. Therefore, no harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers are allowed. Numerous chemical components that are used as inexpensive fillers actually cause more harm than good. Your skin may look brighter for a few weeks, but chemical based ingredients can cause irritation, increased sensitivity, and acne scars in the long run. You can better balance and heal your skin by using organic skin care products because they contain ingredients that work in unison with your body.

2. Better for the environment


Organic components are first manufactured and farmed using environmentally friendly methods to create organic skin care solutions. Since these goods don’t include any harsh chemicals, there is a huge reduction in the amount of garbage and poisons that are dumped into the sewer system and the environment. By choosing organic beauty products, you not only improve the health of your skin and body but also have a good effect on the environment.

3. Better for your health

organic skincare

Endocrine-disrupting substances like phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate, and parabens are found in a huge number of traditional skin care products. These recognized carcinogens can seriously damage the endocrine, reproductive, and immune systems. The more things you use, the higher harmful quantities that might enter and collect in your body, eventually producing difficulties.

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  • I decided to start taking better care of my mind and body since I gained a lot of weight and my skin feels really oily, so I’m interested in starting a skincare routine this weekend. I’m glad you mentioned which ingredients damage our skin and immune system, so I’ll keep this in mind when I look for organic skin care products. I appreciate your information on avoiding skin care products that have parabens.

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